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SCENT YOUR SPACE - Set the mood in 4 easy steps

Our Ultrasonic Diffuser Oils pair with your electronic diffuser to instantly uplift and enlighten your space. Boost your mood with a steamy infusion of your favorite fragrance.

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Step 1

Choose Your Fragrance

Available in 6 of our best-sellers, stick to one for a signature scent or collect them all to switch things up.

Step 2

Prep Your Space

Arrange your electronic diffuser in your kitchen, living room or bedroom— anywhere you’ll enjoy this daily pick-me-up.

*Ultrasonic diffuser device not currently sold.

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Step 3

Add the Fragrance Oil

Pour 5-10 drops of your favorite fragrance oil into your diffuser. But wait, don’t put the bottle away. Leave it out next to your electronic diffuser as a subtle but beautiful decor piece.

Step 4

Press Play

Turn on the diffuser and voila… your space is now a sanctuary.

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