Time and time again I’m told that VOLUSPA candles and packaging are too pretty to toss when they are done. DUH! I designed them so you could get the most out of each gem you purchase. And who decided what “done” means to a candle. Now an empty lipstick tube once you’ve cotton swabbed out the last of the color is “done” (unless you’re going full Pinterest then I’m sure you can find some wild way to repurpose). But a candle, especially a VOLUSPA candle is not “done” after the wax is gone.
No matter how long the burn time of a candle, the vessel’s life is exponentially longer.

Each time I develop a new product, I aspire to do more than bring luxury fragrance into your home. I aspire to add beauty and art that compliments your personal style. Whether you are a design risk taker who isn’t afraid of color, a minimalist with an attraction to all things black & white, coziest in open industrial space, or are drawn towards lush pieces and ornate details…I have a candle that matches you.

No matter what you’re signature scent, each vessel can serve another purpose in your home. Here are a just a few ways you can continue to use your VOLUSPA candle vessels long after their last burn.

XOXO Traci
Flower Vase: We love the size of Japonica Large Jar Candles and Vermeil Collection Grande Maisons, they are perfect for flower arrangements.

Jewelry Holder

Make-Up Brush Container

Pencil Holders: The box from our Classic Maison Candle is just the right size to keep your desk organized.

Candy Jar We turned our Casa Pacifica Grande Maison into a Candy Jar.
Succulent Holder: We used Scalloped Edge Class Candles to plant these succulents.