Scenting Spaces

We are so ready to celebrate the reappearance of our favorite flowers. If that still seems a long way off, take comfort—you can get a head start with a fresh home fragrance. Voluspa founder Traci Arntsen shares her tips for scenting a dwelling of any size and reveals which of the brand's California-crafted fragrances are in her personal rotation right now.

What is your personal favorite Voluspa scent?

Rose Otto from our new Roses Collection. It's pure rose with very expensive essential oil from an amazing farm, and I can't get enough. The rose is the queen of flowers for a reason.

How do you use scent to create a calming sanctuary in your own home?

I collect three to six candles of one fragrance and group them where I want scent and ambience. On my dining table, which is the centerpiece of my home, I'll do seasonal. For the holidays, I kept three Gilt Pomander hearth candles in a row lit all day during December. I do a collection of rotating scents on my dresser, but there will always be one of my absolute must-have favorites, Bourbon Vanille or Bergamot Rose. Near the bathtub, I prefer a green, clean scent. I love our Elysian Garden in the Maison Blanc collection.

Do you ever burn multiple candles at once to create different scents?

I do! Mixing is user's choice. Pick a favorite, and layer in another scent to create a personal custom scent. I will layer our Bourbon Vanille on top of any floral fragrance or any earthy, rich scent like Baltic Amber. So cozy and yummy.

What's your favorite scent for springtime?

Absolutely Lemon Coco. It's from our new Macaron Collection and has just the right mix of tart lemon rind and warm coconut vanilla. It's like the vacation you've been dreaming about all winter has just landed in your home. Plus, the light yellow-hued glass is so pretty and fresh.

Do you have any advice for scenting different-sized spaces (e.g., apartment vs. house)?

It's such a personal decision, how much fragrance to implement. If you have a less-is-more mentality when it comes to fragrance, then stick to the powder room and maybe one candle lit when needed—and just open, giving off scent when not. Great for an apartment or small space.

If you have a home and love to really enjoy your fragrance, you can play with every area. The hearth of a fireplace is one of my favorite ways to go big! Create a candlescape with eight to 10 candles in layered sizes of one fragrance, and it will easily scent a large home. Voluspa is known for powerful fragrances that will for sure create the scent ambience you are looking for.

What's the best product for someone who doesn't like too strong of a scent in their home?

I recommend diffusers or scented soap/lotions.

Do you have any tips for making your candles or diffusers last longer?

Keep your candle wicks trimmed to maintain even burning and longevity for any candle. Diffusers last longer if you remove the reeds and re-cap when not in use. However, it's messy and the oil can hurt wood furniture, so be sure to do it in the sink!

Tell us about the Home & Body Mist. How do you like to use it personally?

The Home & Body Mist is amazing. It's the perfect way to literally smell like your candles. I will mist my space when needed and walk through. It's wearable and light. My favorite is Gardenia Colonia; it's beautiful both in a room and as it warms and dries down on the skin.

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