HOW TO: Properly Burn a Candle

Who knew there’s a proper way to burn a candle! A few easy steps will actually enhance your experience, as well as improve your candle’s life and efficacy. So if you’re looking to burn your candle like a professional – we are here to help!

Put a Lid on It

Easiest way to extend your candle's life is by keeping it clean... yes you heard us correctly – candle maintenance. We love a candle complete with a lid to prevent dust from building up in the candle when it’s not in use. Luckily, we’ve got the best selection of beautiful LIDDED CANDLES to choose from. DON’T FORGET – the lid can be used to gently extinguish the flame when desired, ultimately preventing splashes of wax from landing on your furniture post birthday candle style blowouts. Extinguishing your candle with it’s lid will also prevent the entire room from smelling like smoke - don’t ruin the beautiful ambience you've created with your favorite Voluspa fragrance.

Trim Those Wicks

Probably the most important step for the best burn possible, trimming the candle's wick is the secret to success. Trimming wicks to an approximate 1/4-1/3 inch prior to each burn will prevent the extra smoke and soot build up caused by the wick burning without any wax accompanying it. Aside from providing a cleaner, more even burn, this simple step will extend the life of your candle!

A Lasting First Impression!

Ever had an experience where your candle burns in a tunnel down its center, leaving a bunch of wax around the edges? This is called tunneling. Like a first impression in person, the first burn is the most important as it can determine the path that subsequent burns will take. It’s important to burn the candle long enough that the top layer of wax liquefies completely into a pool from edge to edge of the candle. This is especially important with large, multi-wick candles to prevent multiple tunnels down the center of your candle. You can plan for around an hour of burn time for every inch of diameter in the candle (or for multi-wick candles, an hour for each inch of diameter out from the wick).

Consider the “Where, When, and Why”

Consider scale and scent when choosing candles for each room in the home. Smaller spaces like a bathroom, can be filled with fragrance by a smaller candle, where scale should be considered for larger more spacious rooms. Outdoors? The fragrance wafts more freely so consider going big – the 5 Wick Hearth Candle, available in Voluspa’s best-selling fragrances, is the candle for the job! Fragrance is important when you’re thinking about setting and this often correlates to the space. A den or living space can become cozier with leathery, vanilla, tobacco fragrances. A kitchen can be brightened with fresh, light, natural scents. Melt into your bath with relaxing lavender, or freshen the space with a brightening Verbena or fresh pine. Opt for sexier woody, warm, fragrances in the bedroom to cozy up to, and inviting florals in entryways.

We hope these tips help you and your candles live long, happy lives together!

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