BEHIND THE FRAGRANCE: Gilt Pomander & Hinoki

My goal for the new addition was to layer all the fragrant nostalgia of the holidays and create one deeply rich scent.

Voluspa is known for creating authentic woody notes, so our Hinoki Cedar was my starting point. I wanted to capture and deliver the feeling of standing on wood shavings in a Christmas tree lot – we’ve all been there, bundled up searching for THE perfect tree while inhaling the fresh crisp air.

Next, I layered on a pomander moment. I mimicked a scent I created by tossing tart cassis berries, spicy clove buds, and cinnamon sticks into a pan and gently warming them on the stove until my kitchen was filled with spice and sweetness. I’ve always been fascinated with pomanders and their implementation, you can literally put anything fragrant into them and create a subtle scent.

With such a delectable scent there was really only one color for the packaging that could match the richness of the fragrance, GOLD. The metallic shade I selected is such a decadent and luxurious hue. The added element of a gilded interior truly makes this candle a piece of jewelry for your home.

Between the elegance of the glass and the elevated twist on traditional holiday fragrance, I feel like we’ve created a NEW quintessential candle that brings décor and fragrant drama – Gilt Pomander & Hinoki, an absolute luxe holiday staple you’ll need in your home this season!

XOXO Traci

Traci Arntsen